Arms Micron Campaign Optimus Prime Sound Stage Phrases Revealed

{mosimage} The campaign for the Arms Micron Optimus Prime sound stage has recently taken place in Japan, and we now have the translations for the phrases recorded for the stage. The mentions of the Arms Microns are interesting, as the dialog for the show rarely discusses them. So this is one of the only times you'd be able to hear Optimus Prime call for a Super Combo Weapon!

Optimus Prime, Transform! – Rachet! Behind you! – Optimus Prime, Arms Up! – Nice work on the mission, Bumblebee. – Super Combo Weapon, Star Saber! – We will fight… For the peace of mankind, Earth, and the entire galaxy! – Autobots, roll out! – Ratchet, open the Ground Bridge. – Megatronus… What was I doing here?! – Megatron! Your evil deeds end here! – Arcee, give me an update. – One shall stand, one shall fall. – Bulkhead! Trying to fight them alone was just reckless! – (Special Line) I’m O.P.! I’ve got a great idea!

The stage itself is the same one used for multiple Masterpiece releases. This campaign edition was limited to just 50 pieces!

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