Nagoya Japan Fan Meeting 2012 Photos

{mosimage} At the Bic Camera store in Nagoya, Japan a Fan Meeting was held with several upcoming TakaraTomy Transformers figures on display.  Among the figures on display were:

  • Masterpiece:  Convoy, Lambor, Soundwave & Condor, Alert and prototypes for Ravage & Rumble
  • Generations:  Combaticons, Soundwave, Soundblaster, and our first look at the Autobot & Decepticon Data Discs
  • GT-R:  Prime & Saber prototypes were on display
  • Encore:  Test Shot of Encore Fortress Maximus (with all his accessories) & Encore Anime Devastator
  • Arms Micron:  Ultra Magnus, Leo Prime, Shockwave, and the two 5 Micron sets.
  • Be Cool:  The Japanese Bot Shots

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