Hi-Res Images of Arms Micron Rumble, Frenzy, and Wildrider

{mosimage}eHOBBY has updated their website with TakaraTomy's upcoming January Arms Micron release of AM-30 Rumble, AM-31 Frenzy, and AM-32 Stunticon Wildrider!  These images give us our best impression of each figure.  TakaraTomy's Rumble is red, unlike Hasbro's blue version, and features a different head sculpt.  Frenzy is blue and features the same head sculpt as Rumble.  Wildrider is a retool of Wheeljack with a new head sculpt.  Each figure features a new Micron as well (Rumble & Frenzy share the same tooling for their Microns).

AM-30 Rumble AM-31 Frenzy   |  AM-32  Wildrider

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