Bios for Fall of Cybertron Autobot Data Discs

{mosimage}[soundwave] of the 2005 Boards has posted card back images of the Fall of Cybertron Autobot data discs, depicting thier bios.

Rewind and Sunder:- "AUTOBOT REWIND remembers everything. This makes him an excellent spy, though data overload often causes crushing headaches. Luckily, SUNDER is there, to soothe his friend's aching cicuits with the gentle thunder of the dubstep beats he loves."

Eject and Ramhorn:- "EJECT honestly believes that the AUTOBOTS and the DECEPTICONS could just agree to resolve their disputes through some friendly competition, then the entire war could be brought to an end. RAMHORN disagrees. He'd rather spike a DECPTICON on his horn than spike a ball in the end zone."

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