TakaraTomy Fall of Cybertron Cassettes Announced

{mosimage}Cyber Gundam Blog has updated their website with solicitations of TakaraTomy's release of the Generations / Fall of Cybertron Cassettes.  These figures are due out on April 27th, 2013 and are priced at 2,980 Yen.  Unlike Hasbro's offerings the figures come packed in 4 packs (4 Autobots and 4 Decepticons) rather than in 2 packs.  Also following TakaraTomy tradition, Frenzy remains the blue robot and Rumble the red robot (unlike Hasbro's recent take on the two characters).  The Autobot set consists of Rewind, Eject, Ramhorn, and Sundor while the Decepticon set consists of Frenzy, Rumble, Rat Bat, and Ravage.  No word yet on TakaraTomy's release of Generations Blaster.

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