New Japanese Magazine Transformers Scans

{mosimage}Some new Japanese Magazine scans have surfaced online giving us some new looks at some of TakaraTomy's upcoming Transformers product.  Among the items featured in the scans are Masterpiece Soundwave (giving a height comparison shot between him, the G1 version, and G1 Blaster), Masterpiece Condor / Laserbeak (again compared to the G1 version), and Generations / Fall of Cybertron Optimus and Jazz (compared to their Hasbro counterparts).

Also in the scans are images of Arms Micron Shockwave (a retool of Generations / FoC Shockwave), Leo Prime (a redeco of Thundertron with a new sword Micron), and Ultra Magnus (with his hammer Micron).

The magazine also contains images of the GT-R Optimus Prime and Star Saber, the Be Cool (Bot Shots) lineup which includes an exclusive red Mirage, the papercraft Arms Master (Weaponizer) Optimus Prime trailer, some new Arms Micron promotions, and our first look at Dark Guard Optimus Prime (a black, gold, and gray redeco of the First Edition Voyager).

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