High Quality Scans of Dengeki Hobby 01/13 Issue & Figure King No 178

{mosimage}High quality scans of both Dengeki Hobby January 2013 issue and Figure King No. 178 have surfaced online at Cyber Gundam Blog and Toy-World.com.hk.  The scans give us a good look at some of TakaraTomy's upcoming product.  

Dengeki Hobby features a look at the upcoming Cap Bots, TakaraTomy's versions of Generations FoC Optimus & Jazz, Transformers Prime Dark Guard Optimus Prime, and Masterpiece Alert & Soundwave.  Also featured is a large article on Transformers GT GT-R Prime & Saber.  Also featured are interviews with Satomi Motoyama (the driver for Car # 23 which Optimus is based on) and Misaki Takahashi (the Race Queen in which the included Micro Man Lady figure is based on).  It also mentions an upcoming campaign for TakaraTomy's Generations line (the details have yet to be revealed).

Figure King gives us a further look at the upcoming Masterpiece Soundwave (sporting Megatron in gun mode) and Alert.  Also featured are TakaraTomy's versions of Generations FoC Optimus and Jazz (this time compared to their Hasbro counterparts).  Figure King also features looks at Arms Micron Shockwave, Leo Prime, and Ultra Magnus, GT-R Prime & Saber, Be Cool (the Japanese version of Bot Shots), Cap Bots, Dark Guard Optimus Prime, Kabaya Dai Atlas, Sonic Bomber, and Big Powered, Arms Micron Campaign Microns, Transformers Prime RC Racers, and last but not least Dark Guard Optimus Prime.

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