Chinese New Year TF Prime Optimus & Unicron Two Pack Revealed!

{mosimage}Some weeks ago a listing for a 2 pack featuring Arms Micron Optimus Prime and Unicron was revealed, now thanks to we have more details on the set.  The release is a joint release between Hasbro and TakaraTomy for the Chinese New Year / Year of the Dragon.  The Optimus Prime in the set features metallic paint and / or plastic and now longer features the clear forearms of the Powerizer / Arms Micron Voyager mold.  Optimus's Micron OP also looks to feature additional painted details.  Unicron is now sporting several additional areas of orange-yellow chrome on his head, shoulder pads, and forearms.  Unicron also has additional paint applications (for example his abdomen and knees).  It also looks that each figure features paint applications instead of self applied stickers.

The set is due for release in Asian countries (excluding Japan) on December 28th, 2012.  Now word on whether Hasbro will be releasing this set outside of Asia like the other Chinese New Year exclusives, but it may end up like similar exclusives as an online exclusive for those areas.

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