Upcoming Takara Tomy Product News!

{mosimage}Malaysian online toy retailer Famitoy has posted some hot news on upcoming Takara Tomy toys. Famitoy has not only posted images of MP-15 Rumble and Ravage, but also MP-16 Frenzy and Buzzsaw, as well as MP-10B Black Convoy, a redeco of MP-10 in black with Decepticon insignias. On the Encore front, we have an actual image of Encore Fortress Maximus, who will come with the Master Sword, and Encore 20A, Devastator in anime-accurate color with a new head!

View all the images at Famitoy's blog here.

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MP-15 Rumble and Ravage | MP-16 Frenzy and Buzzsaw | MP-10B Black Convoy | Encore Fortress Maximus | Encore 20A Devastator Anime Color