NYCC 2012: Hasbro Transformers Panel

{mosimage} The Hasbro NYCC 2012 Transformers Panel has now wrapped up, and our reporter on the scene Powered Convoy has been posting like a mad man on our Twitter feed. Check out our Twitter feed,

-Hasbro gave out a special gift to those who arrived early: Free Predacon T Shirt, Cyberverse Vehicon, and a Transformers Prime napkin/wipe! (The last item now doubt to help mop of the drool that will come with reveals during the panel)

Transformers: Prime

  • Showed a Transformers Prime Season 2 video recapping important events
  • Mike Vogel speaking about TF Prime show
  • Preview of tomorrow's episode of Transformers Prime – Starscream plots to use the Omega Keys.
  • Clip show about the various villains from the show

Season 3!

  • Shockwave returns, brings Predaking with him. Shockwave brings the gigantic Predaking through a space bridge to Megatron and Starscream in a new throne room.
  • Predacons are Cybertron's versions of Dinosaurs
  • Predaking is the ultimate autobot hunter. Predacons are an ancient race.

Switching to toys

  • Spring lineup – 99% Leak Free
  • Beefed up with new armor and weapons


  • New Bumblebee with bow
  • Smokescreen with chainsaw rifle
  • Airachnid
  • Twinstrike – two-headed Predacon similar to Sinnertwin

-More Predacon toys than characters on show

Cyberverse Commander

  • Bulkhead in Roadbuster colors
  • Predaking

Cyberverse Vehicles 

  • Sky Claw with Beast grabber claws and Smokescreen
  • Apex Armor with Breakdown


  • Bumblebee re-envisioned – bulked up with armor and weapons
  • Soundwave with Ravage – capture claw
  • Wheeljack with spikes in robot and car mode comes with spear
  • Lazerback- Four legged wolf/dragon, gun hidden in back, tail becomes whip


  • Predaking – Weapons can combine to turn into 3-headed Hydra


  • Beasts need their own sized blister, since they're so large.
  • More info and story line on character and weapons inside instructions. To make them more entertaining


  • Ripclaw Predacon with flapping wings
  • Bumblebee as 4X4 -Bumblebee, Human, and Skystalker Kreons
  • Trailcutter vs Grimwing
  • Windcharger vs Corhada!!!

 Generations Platinum Edition

  • Omega Supreme Year of the Snake – Energon mold with new tools for hand and head, G1 colors (In US – Amazon and BBTS, end of the year)
  • Optimus Prime Year of the Snake – Energon mold (In US – Amazon and BBTS, end of the year)
  • Packaging – foil packaging


  • Next month – Rage of the Dinobots
  • Pack-in comics for Generations toys in continuity with IDW comics
  • Transformers Legends Digital card game – Beautiful artwork – Mobile platform game later this Fall


  • MP Soundwave, Sideswipe, Red Alert – Looking at how to bring over through TRU, no announcement yet
  • TF Universe from Jagex – Beta testing soon
  • Novels? More about the Primes? More about the Pirates? "Stay Tuned"
  • TF Prime Unicron? "You never know…" "It's a great, great toy."
  • 2014 "Who knows what could happen for 30th Anniversary? We love Beast Wars, we know fans love Beast Wars…"
  • Retail prices – Hasbro doesn't control them
  • Kup and Rumble last wave before Beast Hunters
  • Dinobots in season three? Stay tuned.
  • Any giftsets of Bruticus at retail? Any more combiners? Maybe, stay tuned.
  • Toys from ongoing comics Characters?. Working with idw, know popular characters.
  • Unicron appearing again? Stay tuned, you'll be happy.
  • Smokescreen and Breakdown? Want to make all tv characters. Patience.
  • Launching missiles making a come back? Yes, they're fun. BH uses them a lot.
  • Is the Hub supportive of TF Prime? And on blu ray? Yes! And yes.
  • Voyager class Ripclaw? Jazz and Perceptor in season three? Rambling on. Stay tuned.

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