November Japanese Hobby Magazine Scans

{mosimage} Several scans of a November issue of a Japanese hobby magazine now reveal upcoming Takara Tomy product! The first revelation is that there will be a clear Gra (Knock-Out's crab Minicon) as part of an upcoming Transformers campaign event. Other campaign items include a gold Optimus Prime and gold Hades, chrome plated Arcee, and clear blue B2.

Also pictured, for the first time, is Arms Micron Smokescreen! This figure is indeed a remold of Knock-Out as was indicated back at Tokyo Toy Show. He comes with a Micron that turns into a crossbow. There are also new images of Nemesis Prime and Sylas Breakdown, the first being a black and red repaint of Voyager Optimus Prime and the second a black repaint/remold of War Breakdown. Lastly for Transformers Prime, there are images of the EZ Class multi-packs. These will not be straight re-releases of the individual figures, rather they will receive new decoes – such as the Vehicon now being purple and Bumblebee having a metallic finish.

Also in the scans are images of United EX toys Assualtmaster, Buildermaster, Tankmaster and Marinemaster, Masterpiece Black Convoy, Soundwave, Cassettes, Red Alert, and Sideswipe, Generations Combaticons, Encore Fortress Maximus and Devastator, and the New Era hat Transformers.

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