Kre-O Goes Beyond The Construction Set

{mosimage} In the last few days, a number of Kre-O promotional items have appeared online. First, a clear blue "Energon Bumblebee" appeared on eBay inside packaging very reminiscent to the Matrix Optimus Prime giveaway figure.

Click here to see the Energon Bumblebee auction

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Second, Taiwanese store Family Mart have listed pre-orders for a line of oversized Kreon flashlights (and styluses, and cell phone danglers, all it one!). These items retain all of the poseability of the smaller Kreon figures, as well as their interchangeability! The line seems to include Megatron, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Starscream.

Click here to see a gallery of the Kreon flashlights here on Family Mart's Facebook page

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And lastly, enjoy a commercial for the Kreon flashlights below: