Transformers Generations Ultimate Gift Set on HTS

{mosimage} Hasbro Toy Shop have put up a "Coming Soon" listing for the upcoming Generations Ultimate Gift Set with Deluxe G2 Combat Hero Optimus Prime, Deluxe G2 Jazz, Legends Thundercracker and Legends Motorbreath (Motormaster). In a bit of a turn of events, it looks like this will no longer be a Walmart exclusive as originally thought, but instead a shared internet exclusive!

Available Online Only This Ultimate Gift Set has everything you need for a truly spectacular showdown between your AUTOBOT heroes and their DECEPTICON arch-enemies! Pit your COMBAT HERO OPTIMUS PRIME and AUTOBOT JAZZ figures against your MOTORBREATH and THUNDERCRACKER figures. Will your THUNDERCRACKER figure's aerial mastery and your MOTORBREATH figure's raw power overcome your COMBAT HERO OPTIMUS PRIME figure's might and your AUTOBOT JAZZ figure's special operations genius? It's all up to you! Ultimate Gift Set includes COMBAT HERO OPTIMUS PRIME, AUTOBOT JAZZ, MOTORBREATH and THUNDERCRACKER figures. OPTIMUS PRIME figure has a hidden sword and converts to armored truck mode! AUTOBOT JAZZ figure is armed with a blaster and converts to street rally car mode! MOTORBREATH figure comes with a sword and converts to truck mode! THUNDERCRACKER figure is armed with a blaster cannon and converts to fighter jet mode! Includes 4 figures. Ages 5 and up.

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