Rumor: New TakaraTomy Upcoming Figure Listings?

{mosimage}Planet Iacon has posted a list of upcoming TakaraTomy Transformers product.  The listing includes some interesting releases from Encore, Arms Micron, and TakaraTomy's version of Generations.  Note:  This is a rumored list and may or may not be factual.

New Takara Tomy upcoming toys:

TF Prime AM30 Rumble
TF Prime AM31 Frenzy
TF Prime AM32 Stunticon Wildrider

TF Encore 20A Yellow Devastator (New head)

TG03 Blast Off
TG04 Vortex
TG05 Brawl
TG06 Swindle
TG07 Onslaught
(Form Bruticus, more to game colour)

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