Packaging Design for e-HOBBY’s SG VSE Set Revealed!

{mosimage} e-HOBBY have revealed the packaging design for their upcoming Shattered Glass VSE – Soundwave vs. Blaster box set of figures, as well as a few details about it. On the cover flap, the box has new artwork of the seven characters fighting it out. Lift that up, and there are bios for each character on the back of the flap. Also revealed by flipping up the cover flap, the rest of the box will be done up in the traditional Japanese VSE style… but with a SG twist! This means it have the familiar grid lines background, "painted" images of the two cassette player characters, cut out windows, and – in typical VSE fashion – the large toys will be packaged in robot mode! The back of the box will use the BotCon 2012 lithograph as an homage to the grand scale artwork on the back of G1 packaging. Also included in the packaging will be seven individual bio cards for the toys!

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