More Toy Images of eHOBBY’s Shattered Glass VSE Set!

{mosimage} In addition to the Generations figures, eHOBBY has also put up a listing for their upcoming Shattered Glass VSE set of toys.  The listing reveals the names for all seven characters – Soundwave, Blaster, Ratbat, Slugfest, Ramhorn, Rewind, and… Solarbot! Also included with the listing are toy images of the first 6 characters, and a brief description of Solarbot's toy – it will be translucent plastic!

Also pictured is the additional sticker sheet. It features the shoulder "swirls" for Blaster, a headband sticker, "bumper stickers," and Cold Slither logos for Soundwave, a "Vinny's Motors" sticker for Rewind (since he's based on the unreleased G2 Rumble who had "Vinny's Pizza" as a sponsor), and a few other references that fans might notice – like a "RIRRIB" sticker poking fun at the infamous RIRFIB/RIBFIR debates, and a Starburst symbol from Beast Formers.

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