Images of Transformers: Prime Arms Micron Thundercracker, Orion Pax, and More!

{mosimage} Scans of the latest issue of Japanese toy magazine Figure Oh! give us our first look at the upcoming Thundercracker and Orion Pax figures from Takara Tomy. Thundercracker (using the Arms Micron Skywarp mold) will come with a 'Silver Metal' version of Bullo and Orion Pax (using the First Edition Deluxe mold) with a  'Gold Metal' version of RA.  Orion Pax will be exclusive to Bic Camera / Joshin Kids Land and Thundercracker will be exclusive to Yodobashi Camera / Yamada Denki / Edion. 

Also included in the scans are images of Takara Tomy's versions of Dreadwing and Wheeljack.  Dreadwing trades in his MechTech gun and sword for an Arms Micron gun that transforms into a shark Micron while Wheeljack is sporting a Micron that transforms into sword.  Also on the Arms Micron front is Takara Tomy's version of Optimus Maximus and the Shining RA campaign.

United EX also gets a focus showing off Grim Master Prime Mode, Race Master Prime Mode, and Dozer Master VS  Air Master.

Last but not least there appears several differently colored versions of the Matrix.  Is this a new campaign in Japan?  Only time will tell.

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