BBTS Sponsor News: Transformers, Diamond, Rocky III and More


We just received a new update from site sponsor Big Bad Toy Store:

Hi – Here is an update about more cool new stuff just listed:

Arms Micron – Thundercracker & Orion Pax Exclusives.   Please Note – the $64.99 price is not final and will likely be reduced once further details are known.

NECA Rocky III figures with Clubber Lang

Aoshima Airwolf 1:18

Puppet Master 1:1 Replicas

Diamond Select:

Star Trek – U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D

Han Solo in Carbonite Bottle Opener

More Trek, Ghostbusters, Walking Dead Here:

New ThreeA
1/12 Scale WWRp Day Watch Bertie MK3
12" Popbot Lady Sham Pure Edition


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