“TRANSFORMERS ALL SPARK” in Kerokero Ace November 2012 Issue

{mosimage}The folks behind TRANSFUNKET has shared a picture of the October 2012 issue of Kerokero Ace, featuring an ad of G1 Optimus Prime promoting a new manga titled 'TRANSFORMERS ALL SPARK", written and drawn by Naoto Tsushima! Not much on details yet, other than the ad promoting from the creation of 28 years ago, it's now a new way to portray Transformers. Tsushima himself has posted up the clean version artwork of Optimus on his Pixiv account.

Tsushima's previous works includes Henkei! Henkei! in both manga and pack-in comics, Battle of the Star Gate, TF Animated: The Cool, "Tales of the Pretenders", and most of the later box art for the Henkei line. "TRANSFORMERS ALL SPARK" will begin serializing in the November issue of Kerokero Ace, released in Japan on September 26 of this year. Sound off at our discussion thread!