Toys “R” Us Exclusive Kre-O Devastator with Ironhide

{mosimage}Surprise to Kre-O fans! Popping up in Toys "R" Us stores now is a Toy "R" Us Exclusive Kre-O set called Autobot Assault Devastator which consists of the Kre-O Devastator set, bundled together with an exclusive Kre-O Ironhide, a gunner Kreon figure and a brick house. Also, the Devastator Kreon included in the set is yellow, rather than green, as in the regular release. The set is selling for $94.99, and was found by Allspark member Triceraton 1 at a Toy "R" Us in Omaha, NE.

View the image provided by Triceraton 1 in our forum here.