TFSS Animated Jackpot Head Sculpt and Bio Revealed

{mosimage} We had seen an image of the new head sculpt for Transformers Collectors' Club Fan Subscription Service Animated Jackpot before, but it was on the smallish side and not so easier to discern just what made it different from Animated Jazz's head. Now, however, the Club has posted an animated GIF of the head sculpt, showing it from multiple angles.

Also included with the update is Jackpot's bio:

"You gotta know when to hold em', and know when to buy em'"


JACKPOT coasts through life with a smile and a firm belief that everything will turn out okay. Because for him, it usually does. No matter how dire the situation, things seem to come out all right in the end. Of course, he realizes that sometimes luck needs a helping hand, and can typically find some way to tilt the odds in his favor… even when he's being chased by a pack of angry DECEPTICONS!

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