TakaraTomy to release a ‘Classics’ Ultra Magnus?!

{mosimage}What first started off as a rumor some weeks ago appears to be now a reality.  Samples of a white colored Classics Voyager Optimus Prime started to appear on Asian online auction site TaoBao a couple weeks back.  This figure was touted as TakaraTomy's version of Classics Ultra Magnus.  TakaraTomy's version, like most of their figures with a Hasbro equivalent, featured some changes.  Chief among those changes were the head, lower legs, and feet cast in white plastic rather than blue, a blue face plate, and silver legs. 

According to Robot Kingdom this figure is an Asia Only Exclusive (like some other TakaraTomy figures this won't be released in Japan, just the other areas TakaraTomy distributes their figures).  It looks like that after five and a half years since Hasbro released their Classics Ultra Magnus TakaraTomy will be doing the same.  No word yet if this figure will be marketed under the Henkei, United, or even perhaps TakaraTomy's version of the Generations line.

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