Release Date & Promotional Image of TakaraTomy’s Classics Ultra Magnus

{mosimage} has released some information (as well as confirmation) about the upcoming release of the redeco of Classics Voyager Optimus Prime as Ultra Magnus.  Fans will remember that in 2007 Hasbro released their own Classics Ultra Magnus (first available with Classics Skywarp then again with Classics Optimus Prime), but a similar figure was conspicuously absent from TakaraTomy's Henkei!  Henkei! line as well as their follow up series, Transformers United.

Here is the release information for the figure:

Remarks: Special designed new packaging, new deco, and chrome parts.
Release Date: 2012-09-28
Release Place: China Only

This will mark the second release, following Wonderfest Black Optimus Prime, of the popular Classics Optimus Prime mold from TakaraTomy this year.  Surprisingly this figure is being billed as "Classics" Ultra Magnus and is not referencing any of TakaraTomy's lines that utilized the same molds.

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