Pete Sinclair Discusses Collectors’ Club Fiction

{mosimage} The Aligned Continuity – as the continuity that includes Transformers Prime, Transformers Exodus, Transformers Exiles, Transformers War For Cybertron and Transformers Fall of Cybertron has has come to be known – has pretty much been Hasbro's focus for more than the last year. However, IDW and Fun Publications haven't touched on this continuity all that much… Although it apparently wasn't always planned that way. According to Fun Publications' Pete Sinclair, the company that runs BotCon and the official Collectors' Club was originally going to tell a Transformers Prime story set in a different quadrant of the universe than the show. Perhaps even to the extent of dropping all of their other fiction:

… there was some talk at one point of us telling stories that took place in another part of the Prime universe. In fact, for awhile I thought that is what was going to happen and we would drop the Wings and Classic/SG verses altogether.

He also left a teaser about Fan Subscription Service figure Slipstream:

Slipstream. Well. You will just have to wait until you get her file card and see her backstory. She is NOT a Classics character

Given that Slipstream is based on a Transformers Prime Starscream toy and that this follow-up was made in the same context as the previous Transformers Prime statement… Well, it's pretty clear what he was actually saying.

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