New Masterpiece and Arms Micron Images

{mosimage}A Japanese Board has uploaded images of upcoming TakaraTomy releases and the photos give us our first good look at a lot of these figures.  The figures include Arms Micron Gaia Unicron (which is a Japanese exclusive), Arms Master Optimus (another Japanese exclusive retool of Powerizer Optimus), Ironhide (who is being released in different colors as Kup in the US), and the next wave of Arms Micron Micron single packs including redecos of Soundwave's, Bulkhead's, and Arcee's Microns.

Also shown are our first real looks at colored versions of Masterpiece Soundwave with Laserbeak and (Red) Alert.  Surprisingly, for TakaraTomy, Alert features a decidedly toy based color scheme (save for the red head).  Also shown is Masterpiece Lambor (Sideswipe) and some of his features.

Last but not least are images of the upcoming United releases of the Power Core Combiners and the Sci-Fi Revoltech Dark of the Moon Optimus. 

Discuss the news on our forums.   Credit:  Bass X0