Masterpiece Thundercracker’s Price Tag Up

{mosimage}Aching for some Masterpiece Seeker Goodness?  Well it seems you might not have to wait very long for it.  Reports are coming in that Toys R Us has put up the price tag for the upcoming Masterpiece Thundercracker figure.  This means the figure is going to be shipping soon and we also now know the price which will be $69.99.  Fans may remember Masterpiece Starscream retailed for $48.88 back in 2007 and Masterpiece Skywarp for $60.00 a couple years later.  Unlike Hasbro's Masterpiece Starscream and Skywarp, Masterpiece Thundercracker uses the new Masterpiece Seeker mold first seen with MP-11 Starscream and to be used later this month when MP-11S Sunstorm is release on August 25th.  Unlike his recent and upcoming new mold counterparts, Masterpiece Thundercracker features the display stand that was included with the original Masterpiece Seeker mold.

Whether Hasbro's Masterpiece Thundercracker beats the Masterpiece Optimus Prime (who was due out last month and has hit Asian Toys R Us stores) to North American stores has yet to be seen.

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