Loose Photos of Battleshield Optimus Prime

{mosimage}New loose photos have appeared online of the just released is TakaraTomy's Toys R Us Exclusive Battle Shield Optimus Prime.  Optimus Prime now features a slightly more accurate color scheme (than the previous uses of the Robots in Disguise / Arms Micron Voyager mold).  Also included is a gray version of Optimus' Minicon O.P., a gold colored version of the Cosmector shield (with the members of the team being loosely based on G1 Prowl, Jazz, and Sideswipe), the RID exclusive blade, and a papercrafter trailer (that can fit Deluxe Prime RID/AM Bumblebee).

Click here to view the photos.

Discuss the photos on our forums.  Thanks to Razorsaw for the link.


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