EX Terrorcon Bumblebee Bio Translated

{mosimage} When the first official images of Terrorcon Bumblebee where shown, our good friend Andrew "Hydra" Hall stopped by with the revelation that he had written the bio for the toy. Now that in-hand, in-box images of the evil Bumblebee have started to populate the internet, Hydra has again stopped by. This time to give us an English translation for the full bio:

The weapon Bumblebee discovered at the excavation site appeared at first glance to be just a normal piece of equipment. However, the moment curiosity got the better of him, his consciousness was swept away by waves of Dark Energon coursing through his body. This was no ordinary weapon, but a trap planted by dark medic Knock Out! The Dark Energon secreted by Arms Micron Terrorcon Zori has transformed Bumblebee into a rampaging beast. If he is not given immediate treatment, all of the Autobots will be at risk.

Infection Mode:
A mode in which he uses his Twin Cannon for long-distance attacks in all directions to deal damage to opponents, then rushing in with blazing speed to infect them with Terrorcon Zori's Dark Energon stinger. Covering both close and long-range combat, this is an incredibly effective combination for Bumblebee.

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