The Allspark Tour of High Moon Studios

{mosimage} It's been a great time today as The Allspark, along with a select few other fan sites, were given the grand tour of High Moon Studios in Carlsbad, CA.

High Moon has gone through a lot of changes over the years to bring them to where they are today since they were founded in 2002 and currently has over 100 employees.

Their work for upcoming Fall of Cybertron has come to a close and as they take a break from that project (while working on another, soon to be announced Marvel game), Matt Tieger not only showed us around, but gave us an advanced look at the gameplay.

We got to look at a lot of what goes into the development of a game, day to day life of what it's like to be a High Moon employee and they even made us lunch.

Did you know High Moon has a full cafeteria and even showers for employees?

Even though a lot of the crew was on vacation and getting ready for the con, we had a great time and learned a lot. We also have tons more pics soon to be uploaded and some already on our facebook page.

If you want to feel what it was like to be there, check out this interactive panoramic

Some of the things we learned about was that this time around there are no female models in multiplayer. The multiplayer aspects that were in War for Cybertron are mostly present with one huge addition: Character customizations. Each of the four classes has a unique set of heads, chests, weapons and colors allowing you to create something truly unique.

 The game world is HUGE. Metroplex is about 4 times the size of Omega Supreme and his map is, according to Matt, as large as most full games.

Weapons are completely upgradeable. There's a Teletraan store in which you spend your energon chips to upgrade and purchase unlocked weapons. Medium weapons have 4 upgrade paths and heavy weapons have 2. The weapons and upgrades you get are for all characters on your game and you keep them through multiple play through

Some characters, like Starscream, have abilities that are meant to work in the story that might contradict the lore — but even that is explained. Matt explained that being true to the lore was a top priority, but some things might have had to be fudged for the sake of making a dynamic gaming experience. These changes seemed natural and relevant to the story.

And.. OMG.. GRIMLOCK. This is an amazing character. One of the things that Matt stressed was the fact that each character not only plays distinctly from one another, but depending on your playstyle, can be played differently by each player. You might play a flyer as someone who snipes, transforms and hides again before being seen, or play the same character as a guy who swoops in, gives a shotgun to the face in the midst of combat and flies back our again.

The campaign story also takes a different approach from War for Cybertron in that you no longer have 2 segregated stories between Autobots and Decepticons, but rather a story that integrates both sides through the narrative.

The one that that really struck us was the enthusiasm the whole team has for the game and the brand. Beyond just the marketing aspect of "Of course we are all fans", you can see it in each workstation as the employees there proudly sport their Transformers shirts and have desks that would put some of our own toy shelves to same (you'll see some pics of that later as well).

All in all, the excitement for this game continues to build and we can't wait to get our hands on as well as have it in our hands when it launches in August.

Tonight we'll be visiting them again and getting some hands on, which we'll be able to talk about and fully report on tomorrow.

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