Terrorcon Bumblebee, and Hell Flame Animal Micron Campaign

{mosimage} Takara Tomy have updated their site with two new pages for upcoming exclusive toys. The first is Terrorcon Bumblebee – a black, purple, and blue repaint of Bumblebee that comes with Soundwave's scorpion Micron. The second are four clear red "Hell Flame" animal Microns – the rhino, the bird, the cat, and the boar – that will be used as campaign giveaways at various stores in Japan. Check out the machine translations from Takara's site as well as Autobase Aichi for more information:

Bumblebee was transformed into a violent beast by Dark Energon, Terrorcon Arms Micron Bumblebee "Terakonzori" limited ions are secreted. Also comes with black and clear color Terakonzori Bumblebee. Ion toy department: Release of stores August 10, 2012

Hell Flame Zamu: 3000 yen or more prime product in all stores TF Toys R Us.
Hell Flame guru: ion at the box office toy, Megatron Darkness purchase.
Hell Flame Dida: more than $ 3,000 Joshin prime TF product, at Bic Camera.
Hell Flame Noji: EDION group, Yamada Denki, Yodobashi Camera in, more than $ 3,000 TF prime product.

Click here and here to see the pages

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