Simon Furman Answers Your Questions about ReGeneration One!

{mosimage} A little while back, we asked that you submit a few questions that we could then send off to Transformers ReGeneration One comic writer Simon Furman to get answered. You submitted your questions, and now we have the answers! While there's not too many spoilers to be had, if you want to keep squeaky clean of any hints about future story lines, you may not want to click on. But for those that don't mind…

Click here to read Simon Furman's answers to you questions!

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 MrBlud: "Did you add Leadfoot to the Wreckers because of his appearance (and membership) in DOTM? "

Simon Furman:
My intention with RG1 was to kind of absorb the whole 27 or so year history of the franchise and bring diverse elements (that have a resonance outside the narrow world of the original G1 US comic) into the mix. So yeah, Leadfoot being a Wrecker is a part of that (but not limited to DOTM). There’s also the G2 link, elements and characters of which are being folded into RG1 on a regular/ongoing basis, and the fact that Leadfoot featured in the IDW-verse too, in my Spotlight: Galvatron, so I really wanted him to be a part of RG1 because of all those influences, not any single one.

Bass X0:
"Other than the Wreckers, will other recognisable elements or easter eggs from the Marvel U.K. stories be brought over to ReGeneration One even though the U.K. comics are not part of the ReGeneration One continuity? "

Yes, there are more UK-centric elements to come. Some of them are quite blatant. To the point where (if you know your UK strips) they’ll leap off the page and slap you round the face. But none of them are called out to point where a reader who only knows the US material would be confused. They’re just there. Some of it is me just amusing myself, but some of it is just what I was doing anyway when I took over the US book back in the 80s. Shipping over UK references and plot elements and folding them into the US comic as seamlessly as possible. Same as I did with the Primus/Unicron origin of the Transformers. That just made the transition. But no one in the US was left feeling they’d missed something. It now was just part of the lore of both both UK & US. Even though I completely understand that as a reader of the UK comic it’s hard to separate those things.

"With the reconstruction of HI-q into Optimus Prime, is there any 'squishy' parts of Hi-Q left at all?   A panel in #80 shows off a  rather Nebulanoid-cyborg being encased/surrounded by new Optimus does leave one to wonder."

SF: It’s a good question, and honestly one I may or may not get around to answering in the course of RG1. There’s a whole lot that does need answering/resolving, and I don’t want to clutter up the 20 issues with every little dot of the ‘i’ and cross of the ‘t’. If I had to say categorically, I’d no — there’s no fleshy bits at all. That it’s more the things that made HiQ HiQ in a personality sense that are now a part of Prime.

Fortress Ironhold:
"How are we to regard characters like Ultra Magnus who were prominent in the UK issues but went unused in the US issues? Do we simply treat them as if they were there all along, somewhere unseen in the background? Or new arrivals returning from some other part of the galaxy?"

SF: It’s been established that some Transformers, such as Scorponok and Fort Max, left Cybertron during the war, and I think it’s safe to assume (over six million or more years) that others followed suit, or that the war also spilled over to other worlds, and was fought on other frontiers. Magnus was around but just not on Cybertron when our focus fell on that world. At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

BB Shockwave: "Will the mind-link between Ratchet and Megatron still exist, should they return?"

SF: Oh, yes! Most definitely. That was one of my BIG dangling plot threads I wanted to reprise/resolve. You’ll meet Ratchet again as quickly as #82. But honestly, he’s seen better days!!!