SDCC 2012 – Hasbro Transformers Brand Panel

{mosimage} The Hasbro Transformers Brand panel began at 1:30pm PST. Check out some of the highlights below:

Jerry Jivoin, Aaron Archer, Andy Shcmidt, and Lisa Wade who works on Rescue Bots
Chapman, also Hasbro Employee
Fall 2K12, and Spring 2K13 sneak peek. to support FoC game
almost like a relaunch of Generations
40 toys coming out. "relaunching Generations in a big way"
November-ish, TRU
What happened to some of the DotM figures?
Were looking at ways to bring to market. HAVE NOT forgotten about them. They know
Triple changers in next game after FoC?
No announcement of 3rd TF game at the moment.
Metroplex toy? "We'll see what happens"
Onto Universal Studios RIde. Showing Evac, & UniStudios exclusives
TF Universe by Jagex, Fall 2K12, beta testing end of this year

Rescue Bots
"Bots & Robbers Police HQ" playset featuring Chase
"Rescue Bots: Energize" Spring 2K13
"new tools"
"Getting energized", cue blue plastic
3-inch scale of RB
also having human charas from show. Danni's coming later in year

Kre-O slide
Kreon Microchangers
Blast off, Dirge, Springer, Rampage, BLudgeon, Quickslinger, Arachnid…
Microchangers Combiners

TF Prime RiD
Voyager. Thundertron & Ultra Magnus (WITH HAMMER)
14 Deluxes, 8 Voyagers, Weaponizers, Battle Mask, Remote Control

Legion Wave 4: Fallback, Tailgate, Knockout
Commander: Battle-tactics Bulkie, Skyquake
Legion 15 figs, 10 Commanders
Optimus Maximus

Bot Shots
Last wave: Skywarp, Roadbuster, Megatron, Chase Clear Shockwave
Bot Shot Launchers: Starscream
24 Bot Shots
4 Launchers, 12 3-packs
4 ways to play with BS next year.
Jump shot
Spin shot
Flip shot
Blitz shot
Bumblebee Gray model – a bit more bulkier, more articulation
paint design on Bee
Flip Bee; there's also Ironhide, Shockwave, and Sunstorm
Package design using chara art from game
"sort of upgraded everything across the board"

Jetwing Optimus in November
G2 Bruticus on Amazon – G2 Bruticus boxart, commisioned one of the ORIGINAL G2 artists to hand paint Bruticus. Went back to original G2 materials, Old school tech specs AND OLD SCHOOL HASBRO LOGO
TF Prime toys 1st Ed
Entertainment pack: DVD, Optimus, Megatron, 3 kids
Voyager Bulkie & Optimus
Deluxe Arcee, Vehicon, Starscream and Terrorcon Cliffjumper – different deco from SDCC version

Some toys specifically for China
Original Chinese packaging, new paint schemes, etc
China Legion: TC, Hoist, Bluestreak, Motormaster
China Scout: Sandstorm, Con Brawl, Laserbeak
Deluxe: Springer, Swerve, CJ, WHEELIE
Voyager: Powerdive, Hot Spot, G2 Megatron
all TRU in October

Ultimate Optimus (Year of the Dragon deco) in November in Amazon
on TRU in October

"Dark Energon" series
BBTS exclusive
Prime line is "turned off the lights" design
Translucent, Bots w/ "dark energon defender shield", Cons w/ shards
Deluxe: Bee, Jack, Knockout, Starscream
Voyager: Megatron & Optimus (red & orange colors)

Spring 2K13
Deluxe Wave 2
WRECKERS – Impactor, Twin Twist, top spin, Roadbuster, Whirl
Legends wave 2
Eject, Ramhorn, Rewind, Sundor[sic]
Legends packaging design 2-packs
Mouth opens, "rage mode", head lights up and opens. Also works in bot mode, lights up chest
Bot mode comes w/ sword & shield
Got special Dinobot logo on chest

"The Art of Fall of Cybertron" later this year
"RAGE of the DInobots", after the fall of Cybertron

Linkin Park slide
Hasbro worked with LP on a "rockstar"
LP came up w/ paint scheme, rockstar-looking Soundwave
Two-tone solid Gold Soundwave with his Cassettes. Painted. "Bling"
Packaging is boombox design. GOld foil treatment, fli-up panel, Con-purple, Ravage a mix-tape, & Certificate of Authenticity

August: Generations Deluxe, Cyberverse, Weaponizers; 8/21 FoC; Jagex; 1/2013 Gen Voyager, Gen Legends

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