SDCC 2012 – Hasbro & IDW Panel Wrap-up

{mosimage} The SDCC 2012 Hasbro & IDW panel was held this morning at 10am< so what did they have to say? Here are a few highlights:

-Livio Ramondelli, Aaron Archer, Andrew Griffith, Mike Costa, Larry Hama, Flint Dille, Carlos Guzman (IDW), Michael Kelly (Hasbro), John Barber (IDW), Chris Metzen

-Michael Kelly (director global publishing @ Hasbro)

-Joe ongoing, Chuck Dickson (W), Will Rosado (A). Will have underground Cobra facility
– Snake Eyes Storm Shadow issue. Dixon (W), Atilio Rojo (A). Snake Eyes gone to other side – Joe/Snake Eyes cross. "Target: Snake Eyes", Snake gone rogue. Starts October
– Joe 18, thru SE & SS 18
– "Cobra", Costa writing, and have new Cobra team
– "Oktober is Coming"… First appearance of characters in IDW-verse
– Joe A Real American Hero "Special CC issue" #108, Hama & S.L. Gallant (A)
– Danger GIrl teaming up with Joes

– Dinobot month in August!
– MTMTE: "Grimlock returns!" "James Roberts Writes" "Alex Milne Draws!"
– "Con Justice Division", long lasting reprecussion
– RiD, DInobots return; Regeneration One, Grimlock returns to Nebulon, FURMAN (W), ANdrew Wildman (A) (Action master jokes)
– MTMTE: Annual 2012. PRIMUS! Roberts (W), Guido on art; mention of Crystal City
– RiD: Annual 2k12. Primus mentioned, ties to MTMTE. Barber (W), Guido art & Brendan Cahill
– FoC artbook – Mark Bellomo writer. Couple slides of FoC art, like Iacon
– FoC Digital Comic prequel, 6-parts, like Autocracy. August, Barber writer.
– TF Prime: Rage of the Dinobots. 4 issues. Leads to S3, Mike John & Mairghread Scott writers. Hoping to story continue through all media form . Takes place after Bots have left, Cybertron almost dead, Dinos as last stand of the Bots. "crack team of soldiers behind enemy lines" – Mike Johnson
– Mairghread "Ode to Detroit" – "real gritty fun ride". In continuity with Season 3, trying to build world to play on multiple levels. According to Michael Kelly. "Prime Continuity"
– Grimlock, Slag, and Swoop on slideshow
– Tying with the WfC/FoC plus ALex Irvine's books.

– MLP: FIM comic. Katie Cook (W) Andy Price (A). Katie drew stuff for Fraggle Rock


– Dinobots in S3 of Prime? Not necessarily. Kelly can't say anything
– "Legacy of Rust" on Punch/Counterpunch, will it happen or chara show up? Floating around
– Barber hopes to get to it soon
– Crossover of MLP/Joe? They'll have to wait & see
– MLP in next Infestation? "Wait and see"
– Long term plans in regards to Joe Movies? No plans, but hopefully
– Expansion of Ultra Magnus? A big role in MTMTE, 2nd in command under Rodimus
– Plans on collecting series – other than TF – into hardcover collection? Some plan so it'll be easier to follow, they've talked about it.
– More female TFs in the books (Prime Arcee & Airachnid brought up)? Talked about.
– D&D & TF combined? Not for the time being.
– To Flint: How's it like going from cartoon to comic? Flint amazed at the fleshed-out characters. Was working on Diablo and got roped into TF comics. Chance to "finish some unfinished business" from 20+ years ago (like Rodimus)
– Hector Ramirez in TF? Answer is "Maybe?"
– Will FoC prequel digital released in print? Maybe
– Autocracy TPB out at IDW booth
– Barber wouldn't be surprised if FoC Prequel released in TPB
– Pops up in regards to Regeneration. Talked about it. Furman wrote up details on Regen. "Points of connection", but tone of all three TF comics are so different
– Any plans on TF Animated? Not at the moment. Focus is on MTMTE, RiD, Regen, & Prime at the moment.
– Joe/TF crossover? Well, there's Joe/MLP… Griffith would love to do Joe/TF crossover
– Does Hasbro see Video games as future of story telling? Kelly: more on delivering content and enriching stories through various media forms.

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