SDCC 2012 – Activision: TRANSFORMERS: Fall of Cybertron Voice Talent

{mosimage} This panel features Transformers:  Fall of Cybertron voice actors Peter Cullen, voice of OPTIMUS PRIME, Gregg Berger, voice of GRIMLOCK, Nolan North, voice of CLIFFJUMPER and BRUTICUS, as well as Matt Tieger, High Moon Studios Game Director and David Cravens, High Moon Studios Senior Creative Director.  Check out the summary below!

– Slideshow of concept artwork from FoC
– Metroplex, Optimus, Megatron, Grimlock, Swoop & Slag, backgrounds, and such
– Peter Cullen and Gregg Berger
– FoC clip shown
– Introductions: Matt Tieger, Dave Cravens, Peter Cullen, Gregg Berger as Grimlock in FoC, & Nolan North
– Matt Tieger:  starting on difference between the 2 games. WfC was war between Bots and Cons, FoC is death of Cybertron. Will see FoC from various characters
– Single-player designed around various concepts. Play as Grimlock, all Grimmy; play as CJ, all about CJ
– Single-player basically focusing on the selected character
– David Cravens:  On history from TF, working closely with Hasbro. making sure game fits neatly with canon (like how Grimlock became "a fire-breathing space T-rex")
– Matt Tieger: On most beloved/enduring aspect of long franchises, it's the sound nostalgic component is sound
– Wanted fresh touch, but darker tone is partly on the characters' feeling the loss of Cybertron
– Intentionally made large parts of the game without shooting, so as to let players feel the world

Gameplay Clip
– Perceptor on radio contact with Optimus at one level


Peter (Cullen) was "poised" to do for the game
– Had a confidence level where he didn't had to question whether a line would fit or not, just applied the traits. Optimus still "remains alive".
– Just "had to be Optimus"
– Why does Optimus connect so well with people? Just reliability and haven't changed much since '84.
– Thought producers created a hero that wasn't the run of the mill
– Thinks never veered away from the basics of Optimus

Q & A

– To the VAs, Favorite thing to play as each of their characters
  – Berger notes how the venture has passed on down the generations. As for Grimlock, Grim has no filters, constant aggression, strength is a liability.
  – Grimlock's single-minded. Reactionary to whatever he hears or does. "fearsome ally to the cause". It's the joy to having being allowed to voice Grimlock.
  – Nolan: Got to voice Bot and Con, CJ & Bruticus.
  – Deep for Bruticus, "youthful enthusiast" for CJ
  – Different type of gameplay between the robots
  – Always fun to do different voices other than his own

– Other than voiced characters, any other favorite characters?
  – Peter: Loved Wallace Barry[sic], hence inspiration for G1 Ironhide.
  – Gregg: Skyfire/Jetfire, on his moral dilemma between Bot and Con, as well Long Haul.

– Montage clip of Greg as Grimlock
– Starscream meets a locked-up Grimlock
– Grimlock tosses Screamer, frees himself

– Difference betwen G1 and FoC Grim?
  – Gregg: on High Moon making a logical reason for Grimlock to be in FoC
  – Translation problem on incorporating the changes
  – VA in games are done in booths. Painting a sense of sadness and urgency.
  – Knows how fandom is invested in being as participants

– How prepare for Grimlock? The I-405 freeway

– What makes TF so great to play in a video game?
  – Matt: about the charas, being components of who audience wants to be
  – Complexities of who people are
  – Dave: Timelessness of the charas
  – Was also a TF fan
  – Feels that the TF charas are classic and will never go away


– Peter & Gregg: Not gamers, so not sure

– Nolan: In regards to toy tie-in, says it enhances the game
– Notes the narrative and story having heart
– Gregg: as long as franchise is in good stewards' hands, it'll be treated with dignity. Then element of care from fandom on wanting to be also participants

– Cliffjumper Clip
  – Clip meeting up with Jazz
  – Both following Grimlock
  – Jazz showcasing the grappling hook

– Asking Nolan on how he approached CJ & Bruticus
  – Nolan: Jazz voiced by Troy Baker.
  – Nolan: Usually, VAs by themselves. Nolan was in same space with Troy for better dynamic.
  – Nolan: Bruticus is "raw anger"
  – "Being someone big" but still an underling.
  – There's an obstacle, other charas go around, Bruticus smashes straight through
– Fav Optimus line of all time?
  – Peter: "Hold onto your dreams" line

– Fav Grim lock line?

– E3 video shown

– Expect some more 80s throwback music in the game?
  – Stan Bush song in FoC.

– Arcee in WfC, will she have role in FoC?
  – Arcee NOT in FoC. Partly due to the chara customizing, couldn't test all combos. Needed to make a sort of standarized set for the system, so they can't include Arcee.

– Why Opti chara model changed between the games, & continuity on Bruticus' personality?
  – On Opt, wanted to physically reflect what Optimus was going through. OP had to be more combat-oriented, so hence change in design.

– On Bruticus 5-voices in head or his own personality, went through a lot of back-and-forth. So had to choose Bruticus as his own personality.
  – Nolan: Got to work with Troy for CJ's campaign for better feel

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SDCC 2012 – Activision: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Voice Talent

{mosimage}Highlights from the panel:

  1. WFC was about war between bots and cons. FOC is about the death of Cybertron.
  2. Will see fall of Cybertron from the eyes of different characters.
  3. Single player designed around various concepts. Stages made for specific characters.
  4. Worked closely with Hasbro, so game fits with canon.
  5. Fresh touch, but darker in tone, due to the loss of Cybertron.
  6. Intentionally made large parts of game without needing to shoot, so as to allow exploration.
  7. Peter Cullen slipped into character of Optimus Prime easily.
  8. Optimus Prime connects with people due to reliability and heroism.
  9. Gregg Berger says Grimlock is single-minded, has no filters, is constantly aggressive, his strength is a liability,
  10. Nolan North voiced Cliffjumper and Bruticus. Youthful voice for Cliffjumper, deep voice for Bruticus.
  11. Peter's favorite character: Wallace Barry – inspired Ironhide.
  12. Gregg's Favorite character: Skyfire for his allegiance to the Bots or Cons, also Long Haul.
  13. Gameplay is about enhancing the characters' signature traits, being components of who the players want to be.
  14. Toy tie-in enhances game.
  15. Narrative and story has heart.
  16. Gregg says franchise treated with dignity with fandom participating and caring.
  17. Jazz voice by Troy Baker. Nolan worked closely with Troy for Cliffjumper's campaign.
  18. Bruticus is raw anger. Big in size but still an underling.
  19. Bruticus smashes through obstacles rather than go around them.
  20. Favorite Optimus Prime line: "Hold on to your dreams."
  21. Favorite Grimlock line: "Me Grimlock need new strategy!"
  22. There will be a Stan Bush song in FOC.
  23. Arcee not in FOC. Due to character customization, parts had to be standardized, Arcee could not be included.
  24. Optimus Prime's change in design reflects changes from battle, now more combat oriented.
  25. Bruticus has own personality, rather than having 5 voices in his head.