Yet More Hasbro SDCC Exclusives Revealed

How many Hasbro SDCC exclusives will there be? And will the My Little Pony toys end with just Derpy? To answer the first question first, we have two more. And for the second, the Bronies should know the score. At Comic-Con, Zecora will make her mark. A rhyming zebra who glows in the dark. Make sure you add her to your SDCC haul for you will not see her again until the Fall.
Joining Zecora in a sneak peek offering at SDCC will be a Marvel Universe X-Factor gift set of toys. The set includes Mr. Sinister, Apocalypse, Angel, Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Iceman. Fans attending SDCC will have a chance to own the figures before they hit Toys R Us stores in August.
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With Ten Tremendous Exclusives, Toys“R”Us® Returns to Comic-Con International in San Diego at Entertainment Earth® Booth #2343

Pretty Ponies, an Exclusive DVD Distribution, Turtle Power, a Blue Fairy, Invisible Predators, a Merry Band of Mutants and “Stupid” Heroes among Toys“R”Us Comic-Con Offerings

Channeling the spirit of its diverse product assortment, Toys“R”Us unmasked its lineup of ten exclusive items available in honor of its fantastic fourth appearance at Comic-Con International in San Diego from Wednesday, July 11 through Sunday, July 15. Offered in partnership with Entertainment Earth® at Booth #2343, customers will find official San Diego Comic-Con merchandise based on Adventure Time, Mad Magazine®, MY LITTLE PONY, Predator, Regular Show and Winx Club®.
Bursting onto the top of the “buy” list, Toys“R”Us will also offer customers the advance opportunity to purchase select items that will become available in Toys“R”Us stores nationwide later this year. Comic-Con goers can be among the first to add McFarlane Toys’ the Master Chief from HALO 4, MY LITTLE PONY ZECORA, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the original X-Factor® team collector set and Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope, complete with exclusive Morgan Spurlock and Joss Whedon minifigures, to their collections.
Adding “bonus pages” to this colossal chronicle of toy goodness, collectors who purchase a Toys“R”Us collectible at Comic-Con International in San Diego will receive a complimentary, limited edition gold Monsuno Lock and Core figure, while supplies last.
To help commemorate these dynamic deals from Toys“R”Us, on Friday, July 13, from 11 am – 12:30 pm, Morgan Spurlock will be on hand in the Entertainment Earth booth to sign autographs in celebration of Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope DVD with Morgan Spurlock and Joss Whedon Mini Figures.*
Fans unable to trek to San Diego will also have the opportunity to purchase the exclusive Toys“R”Us San Diego Comic-Con merchandise online at starting Thursday, July 12**. However, there is a limited number of each item, so fans should visit Entertainment Earth at booth #2343 or early to purchase the below items, including:

Comic-Con International Show Exclusives

Toys“R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con Adventure Time Finn and Fionna figure set from Jazwares®, Inc.
Finn and Fionna are off on a new adventure, and this time they’re taking on Comic-Con International in San Diego! These two-inch versions of the fan-favorite characters come with miniature Comic-Con “Talent” badges, granting access to the show. Afterwards, Finn and Fionna can travel home with Comic-Con goers for $15.
Toys“R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con Just Us League Of Stupid Heroes Batman® and Robin® Two-Pack from DC Direct
Just in time for MAD® Magazine’s 60th anniversary, comes Alfred E. Neuman’s unique take on Batman and Robin. Striking fear into the hearts of criminals everywhere – or at least the ones that scare easily – evildoers everywhere won’t know how to handle MAD’s version of the Dynamic Duo. These Caped Crusaders can strike mirth in the heart of collector’s homes for $50.
Toys“R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con Classic Masked Predator Cloaked Action Figure from NECA
Stalking out of the classic 1987 film, this version of the Classic Masked Predator, cast in translucent plastic, is nearly invisible in his stealth form. Standing at 8-inches tall, collectors can bring this Predator on new hunts with 20 points of articulation, extendable wrist blades and a removable backpack. The Predator can stealthily travel to any location for $20.
Toys“R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con Regular Show Mordecai action figure from Jazwares®, Inc.
Decked out to rock with his favorite back in a “Fist Pump” t-shirt, Mordecai is taking a well deserved break from his “hard work” as a park groundskeeper. Fans can take Mordecai home and flip through his exclusive sketch book, filled with behind the scenes drawings from the creative team behind “Regular Show” for $15.
Toys“R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con WINX Club® Princess Bloom doll  from JAKKS® Pacific
Once an ordinary girl, Bloom lived a normal life in the city of Gardenia until she met Stella, a princess from the planet Solaria. Coming to Stella’s aid, Bloom discovered her magical powers and joined Alfea, the best fairy school in all the realms. Now Winx Club fans can take home this 11.5-inch articulated version of Bloom with a sparkling torso, as well as a shimmery blue and black outfit, which perfectly complements her tinted, glitter and gem Belivix wings. Princess Bloom is ready to flutter home with conventioneers for $30.
First Look Items Coming Soon to Toys“R”Us Stores Nationwide
Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope DVD with Morgan Spurlock and Joss Whedon Mini Figures from NECA
Fans can find their copy of Morgan Spurlock’s newest film exploring the history of Comic-Con, which started as a fringe comic book convention and has grown into the pop culture event of the year. Spurlock explores this phenomenon by following the lives of five attendees at Comic-Con International 2010. This widescreen DVD comes with miniature versions of Morgan Spurlock himself, as well as fan-favorite writer/director Joss Whedon. This item is ready for home viewing for $30 and will be available in Toys“R”Us stores nationwide after the convention.
HALO 4 Master Chief from McFarlane Toys
Based on the highly-anticipated video game, HALO 4, by Microsoft Studios & 343 Industries, this first look Comic-Con Exclusive shows the new version of the HALO series’ most iconic character, the Master Chief. Last seen at the end of HALO 3 entering into a cryonic sleep, the Master Chief is awake and ready to face new threats and mysteries. While visitors to Comic-Con can take the Master Chief home for $15, those unable to attend this year’s show can find him and the rest of the HALO 4 line in Toys“R”Us stores this August.
MY LITTLE PONY collectors can corral ZECORA from the EVERFREE FOREST! This glow-in-the-dark version of the fan-favorite rhyming zebra can’t wait to share her magic and sage advice with all of her new friends. ZECORA is available as a sneak peek at Comic-Con International in San Diego for $10. For those not able to visit the show, ZECORA will trot into Toys“R”Us stores nationwide this fall.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 10.5-inch action figures from Playmates Toys, Inc.
With the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set to return in an epic TV series on Nickelodeon this fall, it’s time to get reacquainted with everyone’s favorite pizza-loving amphibians. Fans can find 10.5-inch oversized versions of Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo based on their new look from the upcoming show with these special edition action figures. Packaged with their signature weapons and additional accessories, each Turtle is individually sculpted with multiple points of articulation. Plus, the back shell on each Turtle opens to offer weapon and accessory storage. The brothers are sold separately for $30 each or buy all 4 for $100 before landing in Toys“R”Us stores nationwide this summer.
X-Factor® 3 ¾-inch Collector Pack from Hasbro®
After graduating from Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, and spurred by the miraculous resurrection of Jean Grey, the original X-Men team formed a new super group of mutants called X-Factor. Now, fan can collect 3 ¾-inch versions of Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel and Iceman – along with two of the team’s most influential villains Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister – in a specially designed package featuring artwork from the 1986 issue of X-Factor #1. Fans can use their telekinesis to grab this item for $50 at Comic-Con International in San Diego before it becomes available at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide in August.

All Toys“R”Us San Diego Comic-Con exclusives are limited editions and are available on a first-come, first served basis.