World Hobby Fair Summer 2012 Arms Micron Information; “Arms Up Mission” Gold-Chrome Optimus Prime

{mosimage} Takara Tomy have announced their plans for World Hobby Fair Summer 2012, and Allspark user M Sipher has translated the gist of it.

1) There will be an "Arms Up Challenge" where eligible contestants (kids junior high or younger) compete in speed trials to build Shining B.2. (Clear yellow version of Bumblebee's Minicon). A second contest is a test of the kids' customization skills. Participants bring in their custom Arms Micron toys for judging. Participants in either contest receive a Shining O.P. (Clear blue version of Optimus Prime's Minicon).

2) The first three AMW toys will be sold at Takara Tomy's booth – Gabu (manta), Bog (bird), and Dai (gator). Together these three form Dark Matter Caliber. Buying all three Micron allows the buyer the chance to get the clear yellow Firebolt Micron. THe AMW toys will be about $5 USD each.

Also, related an "Arms Up Mission" online game, there will be 20 gold chrome Optimus Prime and O.P.s. More details to come.

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