Transformers Generations 2012 Figures – Shipping to TFsource Next Week!


Good news for Generations/Fallof Cybertron fans! We just received the following information from TFsource:

Although originally scheduled and delayed to be released in August, we received an email today confirming our shipment of Transformers 2012 Generations figures would ship out late this week or early next week!  Additionally we were able to increase our order, so we have reopened preorders for the popular 3 piece set of Shockwave, Prime and Jazz, as well as add more factory sealed cases to the listings.  Great news if everything goes as scheduled and these figures are released in the US as early as next week instead of August!

Preorders up here:

Transformers 2012 3 piece set:

Transformers 2012 Factory Sealed case:

Transformers 2012 Jazz:

Transformers 2012 Optimus Prime: