San Diego Comic-Con 2012: July 13th Panels

{mosimage}Day 2's schedule for San Diego Comic-Con 2012 is up, July 13th! And here's one doozy of a panel! "The King of Interviews", Larry King, will be having a one-on-one with the man and soul behind Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen!

Optimus Prime: Up Close and Personal 6PM PST The incomparable Larry King, one of the most recognized broadcast interviewers in the world, goes one-on-one with voice actor Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime), a talent who is practically synonymous with Comic-Con itself. In this panel, "The King of Interviews" salutes the beloved Cullen and takes attendees through the actor's early days on the original 1984 animated TV series Transformers Generation One, the three box office smash Transformers movies, and his current work on The Hub TV network's Daytime Emmy Award-winning animated series Transformers Prime from Hasbro Studios. Audience Q&A to follow.

For bit of another angle on Transformers history, there's going to be a panel on comic artist Herb Trimpe, who worked on several Marvel US TF comics.

Spotlight on Herb Trimpe 11PM PST Comic-Con special guest Herb Trimpe carved out his own legendary place in the Marvel Universe starting in the 1960s. His incredible work on the Incredible Hulk, along with his other art on series such as G.I. Joe, Transformers, Godzilla, and many more, have made him a fan-favorite artist. Trimpe talks about his career in this special spotlight panel.

Panels are subject to change, so keep an eye – or optic – on Comic-Con's Programming page.