Photos from World Hobby Fair 2012; In-hand images of Arms Micron Dark Matter Calibur

{mosimage} Arms Micron fans prepare to start drooling. Autobase Aichi has posted new images from World Hobby Fair 2012 on their Facebook page. The images show of gold Hades, gold Optimus Prime, Breakdown, Voyager Megatron, Vehicon, AMW 01-06 and plenty of other upcoming Takara Tomy products to ogle! (And don't forget to check out the new satellite Prime artwork – Diamicron Prime.)

Also, Takara Tomy had sets of AMW01-03 for fans to purchase at their booth. So if you've been aching for a better look at the Dark Matter Calibur or its composite Microns, check the links below.

Click here for the World Hobby Fair 2012 photos

Click here for Dark Matter Calibur

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