New Walmart Exclusive Generations Ultimate Pack?!

{mosimage}Toy2Mail, the guys who revealed the upcoming G2 Fall of Cybertron Bruticus redeco, have posted a photo of another very interesting preorder that is bound to make a lot of G2 fans happy.  The listing shows an upcoming Walmart Exclusive set featuring Deluxe Reveal the Shield Jazz in his loosely G2 inspired deco, Reveal the Shield Deluxe Optimus Prime in his canceled G2 Combat Hero color scheme (yes the red and blue deco that was never released), with Legends Thundercracker and Legends Motor Master (both Legends look to be the upcoming Hasbro Asia Legends with new weapons first seen at CybertronCon 2012).  No word on when this Ultimate Pack will be available.

You can view the image here.

Discuss the news on our forum.  Thanks to Dave Zero1 for the news.