New Images of United EX (Takara Tomy’s Power Core Combiners)!

{mosimage} The CyberGundam Blog have posted a few new images of Takara Tomy's United EX toys (perhaps currently better known as Power Core Combiners).

The images show United EX 03 Road Master Prime Mode (Mudslinger with Destructicons), United EX 04 Grimm Master Prime Mode (Grimstone with Dinobots), United EX 05 Race Master Prime Mode (Double Clutch with Rallybots), and United EX P2 Dozen Master vs. Air Master (Sledge and Skyhammer) in their new decoes.

Also listed, but so far just borrowing the Hasbro photography are United EX 06 Build Master Prime Mode (Steamhammer with Constructicons), United EX 07 Assault Master Prime Mode (Crankcase with Destrons), and United EX P3 Tank Master vs. Marine Master (Heavytread and Undertow).

Click here to see the images

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