MP-13 Soundwave to come with Laserbeak; MP-14 Revealed

{mosimage} New information about upcoming Takara Tomy Masterpiece releases has been revealed via Kapow Toys and Robotkingdom. First, the MP-13 Soundwave will indeed come with one of his cassette minions. Namely Laserbeak. Second, MP-14 has been revealed… It's Red Alert, who had originally been mislabeled as MP-12A by online retailers.

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Dear customer,

We have received some shocking informations about the upcoming Takara Masterpiece series!!
Some informations were changed and here is a quick update.

MP-12 Lambor
Release in end of October 2012.
Lamborghini LP500S licensed!!!

MP-13 Soundwave
12000yen —>15800yen
Release in December 2012
Soundwave will include one Cassette – laserbeak!

MP-12A —> MP-14 Red Alert!
Release in December 2012
Lamborghini LP500S licensed!!!

Hope the above informations are helpful to you.
All informations will be subject to Tokyo Toy Show confirmation.
For customers who have purchased these items, Any refunds/ additional price will be updated after we have confirmed information from Tokyo Toy Show (18th June).
For any enquiry, please email to [email protected]

Robotkingdom Crew