Figure Oh July 2012 and Dengeki Hobby Scans August 2012

{mosimage}Scans of Figure Oh July 2012 and Dengeki Hobby August 2012 have appeared online courtesy of Robot Kingdom and Cyber Gundam blog respectively. 

The scans from Figure Oh give us a look at Masterpiece Lambor (Sideswipe), Soundwave, Alert (Red Alert), upcoming Transformers Prime Arms Microns, Darkness Megatron, the Jet Vehicon, and Kabaya Fortress Maximus among other releases.

Dengeki Hobby also gives us a more extensive look at the upcoming Masterpiece figures Lambor as well as the prototypes of Masterpiece Alert and Soundwave.  The Dengeki Hobby magazine notes that the normal version of Soundwave comes with 1 Energon cube while the exclusive version comes with 3 (total) Energon cubes.

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Figure Oh


Dengeki Hobby