Alternity Galvatron & Banzai-Tron!

{mosimage}Over a year ago a list appeared for upcoming TakaraTomy Transformers product.  On that list were 4 Atlernity redecos; Dai Atlas, Goldbug, Galvatron, and Banzai-Tron.  Dai Atlas and Goldbug were released last year in an Asia only release, now Toy Hobby Market will be releasing the long thought cancelled Galvatron and Banzai-Tron!  Galvatron is a redeco of the Alternity Megatron figure and Banzai-Tron is a redeco of (presumably) the Alternity Skywarp mold.  Note that the listing says the figures are a Toy Hobby Market exclusive in Japan, so they may be available via other avenues outside of Japan.

Click here for Galvatron and here for Banzai-Tron.

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