The Reviews Marvel Super Heroes Magazine #1

{mosimage} With The Avengers still scoring big at the box office and The Amazing Spider-Man coming to theaters later this summer, this seems like the summer of Marvel. To help commemorate it, the kind people over at Disney Publishing have sent over a copy of the first issue of their Marvel Super Heroes Magazine. This title is meant as an introduction into the world of Marvel, so the first issue appropriately spotlights some of the Marvel Universe’s greatest heroes, The Mighty Avengers!

The issue starts with a pin up of Iron Man fighting Loki, printed on the inside of the cover. It’s a fun piece of art that would look great hanging on a child’s wall amongst his or her action figures.

Next, after a brief introduction to the issue and the table of contents, is the start of the comic. Broken up into two section in the front and back of the magazine, the total comic is 11 pages long. This particular comic focuses on the Asgardians, chiefly Odin, Thor and Loki. I must admit I’m not the biggest Loki fan, but this comic does a great job of making me feel for the guy. Even though he’s a power-hungry jerk through-out most of it, the last page puts the story into his perspective and you actually do feel bad for him…

 Between the comic sections, we have the Daily Bugle Archives – a page set up as though you are looking at a Daily Bugle search engine on  Peter Parker’s computer. It gives some insight into the stories from past Avengers comics. Then we have our first activity page: the Space Phantom has disguised himself as an Avenger and you must find out who he’s pretending to be! After that is a code from Black Widow to SHIELD that needs decrypting, a clip and collect bio for Black Widow, Super Hero Smash Up where you can mix and match parts of heroes’ costumes, another Avengers-themed pin-up, a super team profile that reviews the Avengers’ mission, headquarters, transportation and roster, and a clip and a collect bio for Hawkeye. Then there’s a section called “Marvel’s Greatest Battles” that lists the strengths, weaknesses and tactics of the two sides of the battle. In this case it’s the Avengers vs. Loki. (We won't tell you who wins!) Next is a two page spread for Captain America, giving his origins, powers, abilities, and other key trivia about the character. Finally there’s a maze activity that requires you to match the Avenger with his greatest foe.

If your child is looking for an introduction into the world of Marvel’s super heroes, this magazine is a fun and fact-filled way to catch them up to speed. They learn the key characters and history from the Marvel Universe through activities and short bursts of information. And their parents, providing they share their child’s fondness for all things Marvel, will enjoy the magazine as well. In particular the comic.

For any parents looking to give their child an activity to exercise their mind and learn to love reading, the Marvel Super Heroes Magazine is highly recommended. For the older fan who is still a kid at heart, you might find aspects of the Magazine that interest you as well.

So you might want to check it out next time you see it on the magazine stand!

Thanks again to Disney Publishing for allowing us this chance to review the magazine!