Marvel Mech Machines Revealed; Spider-Man Flip & Attack Sighted at Retail

For fans of Transformers who aren’t typical Transformers characters, there are two bits of information that you might be interested in. First, new images on eBay have revealed that the Marvel Transformers Mech Machines that were listed in the information we received from Toy Fair are actually redecoes of Marvel Crossovers figures. Namely, Thor/jet, Ironman/sports car, and Captain America/Humvee. It would appear that each have had their colors altered slightly to better match how the characters appear in the Avengers movie. For example, Thor’s yellow has been replaced with black and Ironman’s yellow is now gold.
Our second bit of Marvel Transformers news is that the Amazing Spider-Man Flip & Attack toys have been found at US retail! Our own Code of Walky found them in a local shop and has taken a photo as both proof as well as show off the somewhat obscured Transformers branding on the packaging. These are the Marvel characters that transform similarly to the G1 Jumpstarters, and Wave 1 of the Spider-Man toys include Battle Hauler, Spider Jet, Spider Racer, and Cyber Lizard.
MARVEL SPIDER-MAN Flip _ Attack Racer vehicle 37319
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