Clearer Images of Upcoming TakaraTomy Prime Figures

{mosimage}Thanks to Robot Kingdom's Facebook page, we now have clearer images of the upcoming TakaraTomy Transformers Prime Arms Micron Voyager Breakdown, Deluxe Knock Out, and Deluxe Vehicon.  We also have a clearer image of the Masterpiece MP-13 teaser image (that looks a lot like Soundwave).  Also according to GaoKaiser from TFW2005 the text reveals that Breakdown is a Japanese original mold.  Whether this means he'll see a release from Hasbro USA is unclear (Hasbro Asia did show off his prototype at CybertronCon 2012) is unknown, but it doesn't look too good for a US release.

Click here to view the images.

Discuss the images and the news of Breakdown's exclusivity on our forums.


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