Transformers Comic Artists Showcasing

{mosimage}While you can see some of the final versions of Transformers covers in IDW Publishing's July 2012 solicitations (and discuss it here), how about some of the clean versions of the artwork that grace the covers, interiors, and various other art? Here's what several of the artists have shared, sans text!

Josh Burcham (God Fire Convoy on Allspark!): Death of Optimus Prime #1 pages 1, page 2, pages 6-7; MTMTE #1 Nick Roche variant cover, MTMTE #1 sketch covers, page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5;MTMTE #2 Roche variant cover, the Lost Light, Brainstorm, the sickbay; and the ever unpleasant Sparkeater from MTMTE #3! For you Last Stand of the Wreckers fans, here's the colors to Guzzle, Overlord (with Alex Milne on lines), and the Wrecking & Ruling Bots (Milne on lines) from the hardcover edition!

Casey Coller: Lines from issue 31, his take on a flashback from Megatron Origin, from Escalation,and from Stormbringer! Casey also provided lines to his variant cover to Robots in Disguise #2, variant cover to R.i.D. #3, and his contribution to the LSOTW HC featuring Kup with Springer!

Andrew Griffith: Lines to R.i.D. #1 pages 2-3, page 22 ; his variant to R.i.D. #3's cover; R.i.D. #7 variant cover of Wheeljack surrounded by unhappy customers; and the DVD covers to Shout!Factory's release of Transformers Masterforce and TF Victory!

Guido Guidi: Line artist to much of Infestation 2 #2 (in which you can see many pages before colors and inks were applied), here's a glance at how one variant of issue 2's cover came to be, another variant cover to #2, page 22 of Optimus before inks; the cover to "Transformers Classified: Switching Gears"; and the reissued TPB cover of "Hearts of Steel"! And a bit of the creation process for the Japanese exclusive Super Festival T-shirt done for Million Publishing in promotion of TF Generations 2012!

Dan Khanna: One of the many sketch cover variants to R.i.D. #1, as well a line artist for several TFCC comics!

Joana Lafuente: Joana's colors to issue 31's Megatron Origins, the reissued TPB cover of "Hearts of Steel", Casey's variant R.i.D. #2 and R.i.D. #3 covers!

Alex Milne: Lines to his MTMTE #3 variant cover, MTMTE #4 variant, MTMTE #5 variant, MTMTE #6 variant; and tribute art featuring the Wreckers and Overlord for the HC edition of LSOTW.

Josh Perez: Provided colors to Andrew's R.i.D. #1 variant, R.i.D. #2 variant, R.i.D. #3 variant covers; Alex's MTMTE #2 variant, MTMTE #3 variant, MTMTE #4 variant, MTMTE #5 variant, and MTMTE #6 covers!

Livio Ramondelli: Artist to the covers of Autocracy issue 1, issue 2, issue 3, issue 4, issue 5, issue 6, issue 7, issue 8, and his variant cover to R.i.D. issue 6!

John Wycough : Inks to Guido's lines from Infestation 2, issue 1, page 22 as an example.

Some of these artists might show up during BotCon at Dallas, Texas, so drop by for a hello and maybe some sketches at their tables!