TF Generations 2012 Website & Exclusive?!

{mosimage}Million Publishing has updated their website with some information concerning their upcoming Transformers Generations 2012 book.  BraveMax of TFW2005 has translated the website which describes contents listing of the book:

– Information on Transformers Prime and the latest 2012 Transformers Releases
– 16 page comic entitled "Transformers: Super God Masterforce Pretender Tales"
– Special Transformers: United Poster
– A special "Collection Maniacs" feature focused on Pretenders
– A "Catalog Maniacs" feature focusing on catalogs from Battlestars to G2

Also an teaser image has appeared at Autobase Aichi showing a modified version of Inferno with Grapple's crane (with either a Micron or weapon atop the ladder) alluding to the long speculated (first pointed out by this news reporter here on the Allspark ) that Artfire will be a Million Publishing Exclusive!

Click here to discuss the news.  Credit:  BraveMax of TFW2005, Monzo of the Allspark.