New TakaraTomy Prime & United Images

{mosimage}New images have surfaced of the upcoming Transformers Prime Unicron (who appears to interact with Cyberverse figures), Megatron Darkness Mode (who appears to be a Voyager with some new accessories and an additional Micron), and the Jet Vehicon!

Also revealed are the latest additions to the United line, the Power Core Combiners!  Bombshock and the Combaticons are redecoed into Combat Master, Skyburst and the Aerialbots are now Jet Master, as well as Icepick and Searchlight in a two pack as Roller Master and Chopper Master.

You can click here to see the TakaraTomy Prime mockup photos, United Jet Master, United Combat Master, and Roller Master VS Chopper Master.

Click here to discuss the news.   Thanks to radicaldeth and ZacWilliam1 for the news.